Debra Downs

Juana M, Ojai, CA

"I have been a student of yoga for the last 26 years and have taken classes with the best, the most innovative, the calmest and the brightest stars of the western world of yoga. Debra Downs is exceptional. Her calm presence and fine attention to detail, her clarity of instruction, all make for a stellar experience of mind, body and soul. I always leave her class feeling centered, rejuvenated, and inspired."

Stephanie P, New York City

"The first time I walked into a yoga class I could barely touch my toes. Now I can move through a sun salute, bend backwards and turn upside down on my head.  Yoga gives me both strength and flexibility, and I feel more graceful in my body when I move.  I am also more fearless and productive in my work and at the same time more patient and accepting of the results.  I call this my inner balance.  Yoga isn't just a workout, it's become a way of life for me."

Maren W, New York City

"Yoga has been key to a new-found sense of health and wellness in my life in so many ways. I lost 23 pounds, I eat healthier and I exercise more. I wake up every day with boundless energy to support my active lifestyle. I literally have taken control of my body and health with yoga. Weekly classes with Debra have kept me on track.  She is a consumate reminder of the renewing effects of yoga.  Each time, she guides me a little further past my edge, and I am always so grateful for her constant guidance.”

Richard, New York City

“I look forward to Debra’s class each week, knowing that for an hour and a half I can relax my mind, energize my body and release the outside world. Yoga has helped me find my inner peace, enabling me to become less distracted, more focused and a confident individual; not to mention it’s physical benefits to my strength and flexibility.”

Shawn O, New York City

“Debra has an extraordinary knowledge of the body and always meets her students – whether beginner, advanced or with physical restrictions – right where they are.  I leave her class feeling calmer, stronger and lighter.”

Margret G, Wilton, CT

“I have enjoyed Debra’s signature yoga classes for years.  Her classes are extraordinary and unique and she focuses on good alignment and incredibly smart sequencing meant to open, strengthen and heal my body.  I especially appreciate her use of props and hands on adjustments.  My tennis game improved after classes focused on leg and core strength.  Thank you, Debra. More!”

Kristine J, Salisbury, CT

“Taking a class or a private with Debra Downs is a treat on any day and my body always thanks me!  She takes you deep into a connection with your muscles and joints and shows you how to find your edge, break your bad habits and open into new territory not only physically but mentally as well.   My cranky shoulder and tight hamstrings always feel better after training with her.  It is rewarding work!”

Louise R, New York City

“I have practiced yoga for years now, but find myself drawn more and more to the yin style.  My body has become physically stronger and more flexible from practicing such deep postures.  And my ability to concentrate has become a powerful asset in my life. I no longer get easily distracted from outside influences and I am more accepting of life’s offerings.  When I leave a Yin class taught by Debra, my body literally feels light and energized and it’s like I am walking on a cloud.”

Galia G, New York City  

“I became a serious yoga practitioner 2 years ago, when I began training with Debra Downs.  Since then my life has changed in so many ways.  I am stronger and more flexible than I have ever been and practicing poses that I haven’t done since I was 15 years old, such as Full Wheel.  I eat healthier, lost that extra 5 lbs (and kept it off) and overall have a lot more energy.”

 Renee F, New York City     

“Yoga has changed my life in many ways.  I am a 65 year-old woman who suffers from asthma and knee injuries.  Yoga has helped me with both.  My breathing has improved and my knees have gotten stronger.  Debra has given me strengthening exercises and a yoga practice that I can do that is tailored to my body and targeted to my needs.  I may not be jumping through sun salutes but I am now walking with more vigor and strength than ever before and I am breathing more freely.”

Ashley H, New York City

“Yoga has given me the strength to give up unhealthy habits and to better handle uncomfortable situations in my life.  My life is much more balanced than it’s ever been and yoga has taught me that anything is attainable if you can tap into the power of your own breath, body and mind.”